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What is an AUM?
An AUM stands for Animal Unit Month. For example, if you had 5,200 AUM's you could theoretically run 5200 animals in an area for one month or you could run 520 animals for 10 months in the same area.

Who is in charge of designating AUM's?
The BLM.
The BLM or Bureau of Land Management is a government entity that owns and controls land in the West. They help control the grazing and riparian areas on Ranches in the West.

What is a riparian area?
Riparian areas are the creek and drainage areas in mountainous areas of land topography.

What do some of the designations stand for that the brokers of National Realty Exchange, Inc. stand for?

  1. SEC - Society of Exchange Counselors. The Society of Exchange Counselors is a group of real estate professionals that consist of approximately 100 members on a nationwide basis that get together six times a year in different parts to the country to network, share ideas and initiate transactions for their clients. It is an invitation only group and are considered to be the best of the best in counseling and problem solving for clients. To learn more, please go to www.SECounselors.com.
  2. CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member. CCIM's belong to an organization called the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute. Less than 5% of the commercial real estate brokers in the entire country have attained this designation. The education levels and experience required to get this designation are very high. To learn more please go to www.ccim.com.
  3. ALC - Accredited Land Consultant. An ALC is the highest designation that is attainable under the Realtors Land Institute or RLI. RLI is a nationwide group of real estate professionals that specialize in Land brokerage. This group is where you find the best farm, ranch and land brokers in the country. To learn more, please go to www.RLILand.com.
  4. CLS - Colorado Land Specialist - The CLS designation is a state conferred designation that is conferred by the Colorado Realtor's Land Institute Chapter. Anyone who has this designation has a proven level of knowledge and experience in the land brokerage and development business.
  5. Court of Marketing Excellence - Is the recognition by the peers in the Realtors Land Institute of brokers who excel in marketing of equities for their clients.
  6. EMS - Equity Marketing Specialist - The EMS is a designation that is attainable through the National Counsel of Exchangers or NCE. This group is a national group of real estate professionals that specialize in IRS section 1031 exchanges and "client first" services. To learn more about www.infoville.com/NCE.


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